Oil-Free Air Compressors

Sullair DS Oil-Free SeriesSullair DS Series
The Sullair Oil-Free rotary screw air compressors provide quality oil-free compressed air for critical applications like food and beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, textile, and electronics production. The industry leading Optimalair™ inlet air filter exclusive from Sullair prevents contamination from entering the machine. The DS series offer a range of flows and pressures from 100HP to 200HP. Air or Water cooled packages are available and the unit is able to be customized for your specific application.
Kobelco KNW Oil-Free SeriesKobelco KNW series
The Kobelco KNW series two-stage Oil-Free rotary screw air compressors are designed and engineered to meet the highest quality standards resulting in a long operating life, minimized maintenance, and low operating cost. Air cooled models are available from 25HP to 350HP and water cooled models are available from 20HP to 500HP offering a truly customized oil-free compressor to meet any specific application.
PowerEx Oil-less SeriesPowerEx Oil-Less Base Mount
The PowerEx oil-less series consist of oil-free reciprocating as well as oil-free scroll air compressors. The units are rated for either industrial or medical applications and are packaged based on specific needs. The industrial packages are available as base mount and tank mount reciprocating compressors and base mounted scroll compressor packages. The medical package are available in simplex to quadplex and are base or tank mounted.
Champion MTO II SeriesChampion MTO II Series
The Champion MTO II reciprocating oil-free air compressors are engineered to meet the highest quality and durability standard. Available in various flows and pressures from 3/4HP to 5HP in simplex and duplex packages these units can meet numerous applications. The units are also available in both base and tank mounted configurations and also can be packaged to meet NFPA Level 1 and 3 compliant systems as well as grade "D” breathing air systems.



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